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We are here to help you get to grips with the digital age, whether you want to install and learn new software, browse the internet, set up a new phone or computer, gain crucial life and practical I.T skills, all of which will help you to secure that dream job, start your own business or just do more around the home! Contact us today for an informal discussion. We deliver basic digital skills group courses, digital champion workshops and 1:1 home training.

Why might I need Digital Training?

Software Skills

Have your software skills ever let you down in an interview? Don't know your Outlook from Excel? The modern office is built on platforms such as this. We can help!

Use Computers and Tablets

Received a new tablet or phone for Christmas or a birthday? Not sure where to start? You'll be an expert in no time!

Use the Internet

The World has never been smaller if you have the confidence to use the internet


Whether it was a gift from family, friends or yourself, these devices open up the entire world when used right!

Stay Safe on Line

The internet has been around, commercially, for really only about 20 years; it's evolved immensely and with this, bring certain dangers, just like the real world.

Create and use E-mail

The modern time honoured way to stay in touch! Maybe you'd like your own signature or simply learn how to format emails, insert pictures etc or maybe you don't even yet have an email address!

Use Skype and Facetime

We feel the most fantastic of our 'techonological leaps' is staying in touch with friends and family instantly when they might be on the other side of the world!

​Use On-Line Banking

A sad but uncomfortable truth is that banks are closing more and more branches. If you're not set up for online and mobile banking then you may well get left behind, we won't let that happen!


Help and guidance in preparing for interviews and writing a CV that stands out

Want to start our own business?

You have a great idea and the passion to succeed but don't know where to start?

Grow your existing business

Have you been trading for over a year and are looking for that next step forward? Brainstorm your ideas through with an impartial advisor


Sometimes you might just feel like you have few options open to you, the truth is, the world is full of opportunities! Let's get out there and grasp them together!

Start your business!

Have you had an idea which will change the world? Or at least your working life? Nows the time to start it up!

Call or email us to find out more.